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TRASY Enterprises is a specialist designer and builder of a wide range of slitting machines. We have a range of standard slitting machinery that will slit and rewind most materials including film, foil, paper and fabric. We can fit any knife type to our standard slitter like shear slit, razor slitting, crush cut slitting and heat slitting.

Our International Collaboration M/s. Kunshan Xinmanyuan Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. adds another range of our slitting and Slicing machines, that enhances our products and services in the area of the adhesive tapes. M/s. Kunshan Xinmanyuan Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province of China, close to Shanghai. The company offers services in to slitting rewinding machines for adhesive tape, paper, film, label, nonwoven, etc.

The advantage of this company is even though they are in China they use German & Japanese parts with European technical support. They have their own processing center to ensure precision & stability. The company has more than 8-year experience of exporting slitting machines to more than 50 countries. All machines are CE certified.

With this collaboration we foresee to be the company selling most cost effective, accurate and productive solutions for the slitting in India.


XMY008 Four shaft turret BOPP adhesive tape slitting machine


Description :


1. Full-automatic four-shaft turret is adopted and the efficiency is improved.

2. Stepless speed regulation of frequency conversion and three step length setting provide smooth rewinding operation to ensure accurate rewinding length. It can automatically decelerate and Stall when  operating at high speed.

3. The unwinding tension is adopted with pneumatic braking control. The rewinding tension  is adopted with the dual control equipped with the clutch and the independent slide setting  for free adjustment of the tensile force.

4. The banana roller is designed to eliminate tape wrinkling during extension and feeding. 

5. Pneumatic brake brings the machine to an immediate halt for accurate positioning and  labeling.

6. (Optional) Auto labeling and slitting stationery tape functions.

Main Technical Parameters    
model XMY008-1300 XMY008-1600
Effective width 1320 mm 1620 mm
max. unwind diameter 800mm 800mm
min. slitting width 12mm 12mm
max. rewind diameter(shaft1") exchange 4 shafts 75mm 75mm
max. rewind diameter(shaft3") exchange 4 shafts 150mm 150mm
max. rewind diameter(shaft3") exchange 2 shafts 300mm 300mm
machine speed 0-180m/min 0-180m/min
slitting blade 0.2×22×60mm 0.2×22×60mm
main power  5.5KW 5.5KW


XMY008A Super clear bopp tape slitting machine


Application :

Suitable for slitting super clear BOPP adhesive tape.


1. Full-automatic four-shaft turret is adopted and the efficiency is improved.

2. PLC control system with touch screen panel for operation.

3. The unwinding tension is adopted with pneumatic braking control. The rewinding tension is adopted with the dual control equipped with the clutch and the independent slide setting for free adjustment of the tensile force.

4.The banana roller is designed to eliminate tape wrinkling during extension and feeding. 

5.Two sets of rewinding super clear systems.

6.(Optional) Auto labeling and slitting stationery tape functions.

Main Technical Parameters    
model XMY008A-1300 XMY008A-1600
Effective width 1300 mm 1600 mm
Max. unwind diameter 800mm 800mm
Min. slitting width 12mm 12mm
Max. rewind diameter(shaft3") exchange 4 shafts 150mm 150mm
Max. rewind diameter(shaft3") exchange 2 shafts 300mm 300mm
Machine speed 0-180m/min 0-180m/min
slitting blade 0.2×22×60mm 0.2×22×60mm
Main power 5KW 6KW

XMY003 Four shaft high efficient adhesive tape cutting machine, small diameter PVC
insulation tape slitting machine, log roll tape slitting machine.

Technical Parameters of  adhesive tape cutting machine,  
model XMY003
Machine width 1.0M-1.6M
Cutting precision ±0.1mm
Max. Cutting O.D. 160mm
Min. Cutting width 2mm
Inner paper core I.D. 1"-3"
PLC Mitsubishi
Bearing NSK
Switch button Schneider
Servo motor Mitsubishi
Touch screen Schneider

Description :

Suitable for cutting Big diameter materials:such as BOPP, foam tape, duct tape,double sided tape,cloth tape,industrial tape,protection film,etc.

Main Features  of  slitting  machine  :

1.Main driving system: AC motor with inverter is employed.

2. Operating panel:All functions are operated on the 10" LCD touch panel

3.Central control unit:Programmable control is used and 20 sizes can be set on the same shaft for auto transfer and cutting. 

4.Cutting positioning system: Cutting positioning is controlled by Mitsubishi servo motor. The imported high precision ballscrew is applied to set the size  and the linear 
slide rail is to bear the load of the cutter seat.

5.Blade feeding positioning system:Blade feeding is controlled byservo motor,and the
cutting speed is adjustable in three stages.

6.Auto angle adjustment Of circular blade:Mitsubishi servo motor is used to calculate the
 circular blade angle and the angle change is subject to different materials
(The angle change range is ±8°).

7.Quick shaft change system:Three kinds of shafts are available and quick change of shafts is applied for different materials


XMY006 Double shaft Turret exchange rewinding machine

Description :

Application :

This kind rewinding machine is also Suitable for bopp, masking, electrical tape, foam tape, cloth tape, double sided. duct tape, PE ,PET, PVC, kraft paper tape, non woven, papers etc jumbo rolls rewind.


1.Automatic length setting:the two step length counter provides accurate rewinding 
length control.Once the set length is reached, servo motor is adopted so that the shaft will
 instantly and automatically changes ,ensuring easy operation and efficient performance.

2.Programmable controller: the high performance programmable controller offers convenient control of the entire rewinding operation.with touch screen panel for operation.Both length and tension are accurately displayed by LED readout.

3.The paper core is held firmly on the pneumatic shaft. +With easy, fast loading and
 unloading, it greatly improves efficiency.

4.Hydraulic auto uplifting device (optional): this device offers easy material loading for 
operational convenience and better efficiency. 

5.The pressing roller is controlled by the cylinder and the pressure is adjustable. The semi-finished products are properly pressed to ensure smooth, running during rewinding.

6.Automatic smoothing device (optional): this wipe down device fully eliminates the problem of wrinkling and air bubbles in the product after rewindng. This device further ensures the smoothness of product.

Main Technical Parameters :  
 machine width 1.3M 1.6M
max. unwind diameter 1000mm
max. rewind diameter 350mm
max. rewind speed 180M/min
I.D. of paper core 76.2mm
main motor 5 HP×2
air pressure 6 Bar