Reverse Roll Coating:  Hot Melt Roller Coater

In this type of coating procedure, the coating material is measured onto the applicator roller by precision setting of the gap between the upper metering roller and the application roller. The coating is 'wiped' off the application roller by the substrate as it passes around the support roller at the bottom. The diagram illustrates a 3-roll reverse roll coating process.

Trasy Enterprises has developed a hot melt coating machine on this principle the working machine. The absence of solvents, volatile parts and water, offers an environmentally friendly operating process, and since no additional heating energy is required to evaporate water or solvent and the curing takes place by ambient air temperature or by the humidity of the ambient air, no drying or curing ovens are necessary.


Machine in operation


Machine in operation

Advantages of this system are :

  • Easy to operate
  • Minimal equipment set-up
  • Simple coating supply system
  • No special gravure pattern required

Disadvantages of this system are :

  • Can not coat thin layers below 18 GSM
Accurate lamination made possible at 20 and 25m/min.