Pre-Melter : Hot Melt Premelter | Hot Melt Dispenser

The Trasy Enterprises make Pre-melter is a system created upon the improvement requested by the working site, which aims clean & safe working environment and saves energy / power. This was developed in 2006 & Exhibited in IIASE'07 at Nehru Center, Bombay.

The Trasy Enterprises Pre-melter system gives fast rise in temperature to increase melting ability. Pre-melter can supply molten glue within 30 minutes once the power is turned on. This is achieved by the high efficiency heater fins. It is suitable for the lineup to shorten start up time.

High level temperature control by the proportional control system maintains temperature constant regardless of start & stop in production. Overheating prevention function is mounted to simplify temperature control and to contribute to energy saving.

Only the material at the lower layer is molten and supplied. Therefore, there is no smoke or heat radiation outside and the working environment is clean and comfortable.