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TRASY Enterprises has been designing and manufacturing ink contact cable marking machinery for over 35 years. From offset ink printing to indent ink printing to plain contact ink printers, Trasy Enterprises has the right solution for your cable manufacturing requirements.

Print interval: Two feet, one meter or half meter
Cable size: 5 to 102 mm diameter (0.2" to 4")
Maximum speed Variable from 0 to 150 meters/minute
Sequential marking accuracy: 0.3%
Print inserts: Engraved steel, gravure surface
Character height: 1.6 mm to 9.5 mm, 1.6 mm

increments ::

Print legend length: 20" (footage), 860 mm (meter), 380 mm (half meter)
Machine layout: Left to right or right to left
Machine dimensions: Length 1.0 m (40")Width 63.5 cm ( 25")Height 132.1 cm (52")
Weight: 365 kg (800 Ibs.)
Mounting: Caster base with leveling screws
Power requirements: 115/220 VAC, 200 watts
Compressed air: 40-50 psi
Jacket materials: PVC, Polyethylene, X Link Poly,
Neoprene, etc.
Remote status indicator: Available
Remote emergency stop: Available
Integrated gas preheater: Optional