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Infra red drying


Infrared Driers | Infrared Driers in India

Drying of water and water-based lacquers requires a lot of heat energy to remove water. Hence, the line speeds of water based coatings were few meters per min.

Trasy Enterprises developed this new technique in 1999; It uses Infra red energy created by LPG & by directly drying the coating. It saves lot of energy & gives four times more line speeds. Know, this process of drying is used for wide web widths of 100” to as narow as 12” web widths.

Drying line lay-out natural gas and Lpg
  • Reduces floor space
  • Lowers energy consumption
  • Increases line speed
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Clean operating environment

The electromagnetic energy that is emitted by all bodies above -273°C (0°K or absolute zero) is called infrared energy. When infrared energy strikes an object it causes the surface electrons to excite and oscillate. This oscillation creates heat. As this energy is transmitted through Radiation; It directly heats the surface of the coated web. Air is virtually transparent to IR radiation. IR radiation is neither absorbed nor scattered by air. If the air between the emitter and the product contains water vapor or other absorbing gases, it could absorb a portion of the IR radiation. Hence, the vapour created due to the heat of IR is removed by a flood of air continuously. Without loosing the energy.

For other coatings, get the required high temperatures reliably through infrared. This makes the drying processes considerably faster compared to traditional methods like hot air drying.


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